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How to Book an Appointment

To book an appointment at any of our branches, please ring on 08 8821 3133 between the hours of 8:30am and 5:30pm. If your appointment is not urgent it is recommended that you ring after 10am to make a booking.

Urgent Medical Problems

If your appointment is urgent please ring as soon as possible to make a booking with a doctor, if all appointments are full your call will be transferred to a nurse to triage and assess when you need to be seen. We will never turn away a patient with an urgent medical problem. It is essential to let the receptionist know if you problem is urgent, for example if you have chest pain, large cut or a child with a fever, it is important that you are seen. All emergencies will be seen immediately.

Doctor of Choice

We will always try to accommodate patients to see the doctor of their choice on a day and a time that is suitable, please let us know who you would prefer to see. Sometimes you may find that you fall ill and you need to see someone that day, on these occasions it may not be possible to see the doctor of your choice.

Long Consults

A standard appointment is for 15 minutes, if you have multiple issues or you think you require more time, please let the receptionist know so they can allocate more time. Also if a family member needs to be seen at the same time, please let the receptionist know so they can allocate the appropriate time.


We can provide for a wide range of medicals at our Kadina Surgery. When you ring to book in for a medical you will speak with a receptionist who will book your medical and inform you of the time and cost involved. All medicals are private accounts and unless an arrangement has been made previously with your employer full payment is required on the day.

Medicals that we provide include aviation, bus, scuba diving, taxi, truck, pre\post employment, volunteer, commercial and immigration. Ordinary car licence medicals only require a standard appointment with your usual doctor.

Cervical Screening Test

We are now running a nurse led Cervical Screening Test clinic once per fortnight. There will be a supervising doctor for each clinic. It will be a screening test only clinic, so if you need prescriptions or to discuss other issues you will need to make a regular doctor’s appointment. These clinics are bulk billed, if you have any questions please speak with the reception staff.

Aviation Medicals

Dr Wood is a Designated Aviation Medical Examiner and can perform Class 1 and 2 Aviation Medical Certificates for the Civil Aviation Safety Authority.

Health Assessments

There are a variety of free government sponsored health assessments available which involve firstly discussing any issues with a Registered Nurse and then with your doctor. Not everyone is eligible, so check with a nurse first. Currently there is a 4 year old health check, a 45-49 year old health check, a chronic disease care plan and an over 75 year old health check amongst others.

Immunisations & Vaccinations

Many immunisations are available including childhood schedule, adult and travel. Influenza vaccinations are available in season and are free to people aged over 65. If you have a private vaccination it is recommended that you purchase this immediately prior to your consultation and let receptionist know on arrival that you have a vaccination.

Ultrasound & Interferential Treatments

Ultrasound or interferential treatments are available on discussion with a doctor. These treatments are often used to treat musculo-skeletal pain and administered over 3 sessions. These are bulk billed for concession card holders and repeat treatments are bulk billed for non-concession card holders.

Ear Syringe

Ear syringes are available, it is preferred that patients requiring this treatment firstly discuss the use of wax softening drops with one of our nurses. This will make the procedure easier to perform and more comfortable for the patient. Treatments will be billed as a standard consult.

Spirometry (Lung Function Test)

Spirometry is a tool your doctor may use to diagnose asthma and other respiratory conditions. Will often be used as part of a pre-anaesthetic check or pre-employment medical. Bulk billed for concession card holders and there is a cost for non-concession card holders.

Echocardiogram (ECG)

Echocardiograms are an important tool in the diagnosis of heart related conditions. A quick, painless procedure. Bulk billed for concession card holders and there is a cost for non-concession card holders.


We have a wide range of dressings and up to date products available for acute and chronic wounds. Our nurses will assess your wound and apply the appropriate treatment in consultation with your doctor. Bulk billed for concession card holders
and repeat treatments are bulk billed for non-concession card holders.

Surgical Procedures

We have the services available to complete minor surgical procedures. Please make a standard appointment with your doctor to discuss any surgical procedures. If you require a surgical procedure the nurses will book an appointment at a mutually convenient time for yourself, your doctor and the treatment room. We have a fully equipped theatre area enabling us to perform removal of lesions, excisions and skin biopsy’s, as well as performing minor procedures such as wedge resection of toe nails.


Circumcision is a procedure that removes the fold of skin that covers the tip of the penis. Dr Wood performs circumcisions at the Kadina Surgery for children under fourteen days old while Dr Morris performs circumcision at the Wallaroo Hospital. If you wish for you child to be circumcised please speak with our nurses to organise a booking.

Holter Monitor

Holter monitor machines are available. Your GP or Cardiologist may request 24 hour monitoring of your heart. This involves being connected to a monitor, with the recordings forwarded to Adelaide Cardiology for interpretation. The results are then sent to your referring doctor. Whilst connection to the monitor takes approximately 30 minutes, you are then able to go about your daily routine without too much interference. You cannot shower or bathe whilst the monitor is in use. The cost is fully Medicare rebatable.

Ambulatory Blood Pressure Machine

Ambulatory blood pressure machines are available for hire from the nurses at a cost which is non refundable from Medicare. This is the best way to accurately record a patients blood pressure as it will record every 30 minutes during the day and hourly overnight for 24 hours. It requires that you do not shower or bathe whilst the monitor is in use.

Drug Screen

Drug screening tests are available as an instant result assessment or alternatively specimens may be sent for laboratory analysis. Drug screening tests cost vary and are not refundable from Medicare.


Audiograms test your hearing function, often for pre-employment medicals or may be used by your doctor if you complain of hearing trouble. Bulk billed for concession card holders and there is a cost for non-concession card holder.